So the idea that we want to share with you today is a very simple Worth Of Travelling, as we mentioned in our About Us, we will definitely bring some interesting stories of traveler’s worldwide. So we bring a story of a Mexican traveler.

Worth Of TravellingWorth Of Travelling

I would like to motivate each of us to invest in experiences instead of more stuff. Once I read a story of a famous author & traveler, I would love to share it with you, who was born in Mexico city. One hot summer of 1975 and when he was around five years old his family had enough of the noise and the traffic and the haste and decided to immigrate to the United States. So they hopped and made the journey to north now in many ways San Diego. It was a beautiful place to grow up and he really had a happy childhood where he was loved and was supported and had opportunities to grow learn and have fun.

But while growing up one day he felt like he get stucked in between two worlds. He couldn’t really feel Mexican and he didn’t really feel like an American. A lot of the influence and the ideas were getting from his peers and from the media, was that Mexicans are criminals and dangerous or lazy or this idea of a wet back was coming to steal jobs or even a narco traffic, indiscriminately spreading violence but the polarization kind of went both ways.

Once later, he had to spend the summers in Mexico and his cousins called him to a green got his idea of being uncultured arrogant or biased or even racist ultimately, he felt like a citizen of nowhere like he didn’t have a place where he truly belonged. So, then he felt the pull of travel from a really young age, he had vivid memories of being in his room and reading the biographies these incredible explorers and adventurers’ people like Jacques Cousteau and Amelia Earhart Shackleton and Hillary and Tenzing.

He knew from young age, exploration and discovery and adventure are essential elements of the human experience and rarely are we more alive than when were out exploring and discovering so he decided to see the world and adventure. He got a job with a British overland company who for some reason on the second day of a three-week training trip thought he was ready for the road so he got his assignment a six-week trip starting in New York going to Los Angeles and back to New York he got on a flight from LAX to JFK and he arrived at the hostel in International on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at 1:30 in the morning at 7:30 that morning he met his group of 13 people from 6 countries ranging from ages 18 to 64.

He bought the ticket now let’s take the ride that first day city tour of New York take the Staten Island Ferry pass Lady Liberty air high-five get on the New Jersey Turnpike get to Philadelphia lunch at the Liberty Bell all in time to get to DC for dinner and a night tour of the mall he had only been to New York City once he thought that he had to put the trap on top of the van was when it was raining so he was driving down to Turn pike and sleeping bags and backpacks were falling off of the back now somehow those guests and I survived and very soon he knew that he had found his calling and over the course of just over a year he had the opportunity to see all 50 states and he had a new job with a new company to lead in Mexico and Latin America.

But more on that in a minute we should realize how much do we actually travel, you won’t believe in one survey it has found that only 35% of Americans have passports in Oregon it’s about 40% in Mississippi it’s about 18% and of all of the travel only 30% of it of international travel will go outside of the United States  which is known as the most developed country in World.

So that’s to say that less than 10% of the U.S. population will leave the continent in a given year why well I think it has to do with three main reasons work money and fear I know it sounds like a dope hip-hop album but it’s not, let’s unpack these a little bit the first one we are in a world of workaholics right if I was to ask many of us how we’re doing including me what would our answer be I’m busy the glorification of busy is real and it’s a problem we don’t take vacations 15 days is the average amount of vacation we take.

Becoming a US citizen and that idea of completely shattered by the experience of driving around the 50 states with a van full of international tourists and the most common reaction that we would get is a big smile and the question where you all from often followed by an invitation to a backyard barbecue and an appreciation for the natural beauty and open space of them our backyard and that ultimately regardless of where we sit in the political spectrum that we live in a country where we can raise our children with our values and our ideals and our beliefs.

Travel has truly transformed me with the knowledge and the greatest gift when we go out and see the world is that it doesn’t matter if we’re Mexican or American or Canadian or Syrian or Australian but ultimately that we are all human, and that what we want and dream and desire.

Similar than it is different so what about what about you well I invite you to make thoughtful choices so perhaps instead of going to Cancun travel a little further north and visit easy-to whole bush and swim with whale sharks or instead of going to Las Vegas extend your stay and visit National Park and walk this beautiful red rock to the top of angel’s landing or instead of going to Hawaii or to Honolulu perhaps consider the Big Island of Hawaii and see lava flow literally the earth forming at your feet right now with an American passport.

You can visit a hundred and seventy four countries without a visa or getting or get a visa at the point of entry even with the challenging things that are happening in the world is it is an extraordinary time to be a traveler so what does this mean if you’re young it means go you’re living a moment in your life where you have more freedom and flexibility than you may ever have before right now the lights are shimmering over Kuala Lumpur and a group of young people are enjoying a cocktail and a laugh why are you not there, why but if you’re older it also means go it’s likely that it will take more planning but you have more resources than you had before right now in a remote role and afford the chef is ringing the bell and calling you to a three-course locally sourced dinner.

Why are you not there now if you have young kids, you’re that’s not true I stand here it’s not a vacation but it is a trip and as a and as a father of three five and under it takes a lot of work but family travel can be extraordinarily rewarding so whether you’re in your 20s and taking a gap year in your 30s working to take a month off a sabbatical in your 40s looking towards a retirement and perhaps living abroad there is never a bad time and it’s no judgement and no competition on the level of epic or the length of time.

Because what’s adventure to me and to you are all different things ultimately the idea here is to travel more to a transformative travel experience this is not about checking things off a list it’s about having meaningful experiences so now I want all of us to make a promise and in your mind’s eye picture a place that you have always wanted to visit picture it clearly what do you see who are you with what are you here what do you smell what’s the temperature of the breeze that’s hitting your cheek can you picture this place that you’ve always dreamed of going now make a promise that this year or next year as soon as you can you will start travel to learn some real lessons of life.

This story is of Steve, who after spending four months a year for the last 30 years of his life, living out with a suitcase, reflects a value of thoughtful travel. Shared his experiences from Iran to El Salvador and from India to Denmark, Steve tells why spending all that time and money away from home has broadened his perspective, enriched his life, and made it clear to him as he says, “Fear is for people who don’t get out to travel world” and really learnt the Worth Of Travelling.

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