What Is Couchsurfing?

I’m a solo traveler and today we’re going share information about couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is an amazing website it is one of my favorite things on internet world for budget travelers. 

I get to know about couchsurfing when I went to my first international trip to Armenia a few years ago. I was trying to find out online the budget travel, how people who doesn’t have that much money, how they travel. 

I also thought to give it a try, and made my account on couchsurfing. I wanted to spend my vacation as much enjoyable as I could there. I was on tight budget but after reading so many traveler’s stories I decided to start at least from somewhere. 

I met in Armenia a guy named Alex same like me who was travelling on a budget. He came from his Europe trip, he told me his experience which I will share with you today. 

So today I would share the same information, in this article, there was questions running in my mind what is it, how to do it right, how to get more hosts, how to meet people etc. Couchsurfing is great you can stay on people’s couches for free, alright that’s great. It saved a ton of money and that’s how Alex too was able to last for six months in Europe. But that’s not the best thing about it. The best thing about couchsurfing is that you stay with locals, you become friends with them and they can visit you too if they travel to your city. 

People basically going to be friends for life, the other good thing about it is tonight’s getting a host and a place to stay you can also use it simply to meet people, to hang out. So, there’s a feature now or you can do a hangout you can make a hangout for multiple people. You can ask directly one person if they want to grab coffee, grab a drink or go out for the night or have them show you around. Some people have a hard time finding hope when they’re couchsurfing and this could be for a number of reasons. 

So, you can create your profile on it, if you want to do, but you must fill your profile completely right. About yourself there’s a description in your about Me section, write about yourself, write about your travel history, write about your upcoming trip, write about whatever you want but be truthful and you know try to find something interesting about yourself that is going to make them want to host you. 

There’s also an interest section what’s interesting you hopefully travel if you’re traveling so put that on probably, what movies you watch, music, what books do you read, there is a section for all of this. If you fill that truthfully hopefully, you’ll find a good host with common interest as yours.

On couchsurfing this is another part of your about me, why are you on couchsurfing, don’t say it’s because you want to travel for cheap, tell them it’s because you want to meet them, talk about how you want to participate in couchsurfing as a whole. Maybe how you in- host surfers of your own when you get back from this trip. If you haven’t already you can put your travel history where you’ve been to, where you want to go, where you’ve lived.

Your profile is all based around travel because that’s what Couchsurfers like to do. They like to travel and they have a lot to say and share, even if you haven’t traveled much you may explain how you want to travel more or maybe just explain about this trip. Also explain your interests and just try to make yourself sound interesting funny basically your best traits try to bring them out.

Do not forget about the photo section, always put few of your photos, I can’t tell you how many profiles have zero photos or maybe they have one photo you know I it’s going to be difficult to get a host or get people to hang out with you when you have zero photos. Not because they care how you look like, it’s because it seems a little sketchy, you have a phone, everybody has photos these days easily, why would what do you have to hide. If you have one photo it’s also that it’s like pieces of flair why do you have one piece of flair when you can have 50 don’t do the minimum.

Anybody can write whatever they want about themselves and they can be lying about the whole thing but a few photos of yourself don’t lie, well photos can lie definitely but the more you have the more that it shows you probably aren’t lying on fifty photos. If you have been traveling before put up your travel photos, then they can really see that you genuinely interested in their culture and place. Also make sure you’re taking some photos with your new friends in different parts of the world to show other Couchsurfers if someone hosted you or you hosted someone to share your experience.

Now the section that matters the most is references, now I’ve done a little bit of couchsurfing so I have references and so far, they’re all positive these all my hosts have left these really good reviews about me and it’s great and that helps tremendously. A good way to get these amazing reviews instead of just you might have a positive experience with a host or as a– or as a host and you might find that after they stay with you. They leave a positive review but they really quickly put amazing experience.

If you want to stand out from the crowd so what you should do is after you have a couchsurfing experience, you want to be the first to leave a review then you leave a long-drawn-out detailed experience about what you guys did. And like you would surf with them again you would trust them with my life. We’re going to be friends for life say things like this leave a long paragraph or two, and if you do this chance are if they’re human they’re going to leave along expensive amazing review for you back.

Now also I would like to mention when you stay with host do not sleep in long or get up too early don’t be loud and wake them up while they’re sleeping. Basically, you know the drill do as you would like to be done to you.

Next thing you should host people give back, don’t just take all the free accommodation, don’t just stay for free everywhere around the world and never give back. You need to see what it’s like actually, this would be first if you know you’re going on a trip and you know you’re going to be doing some couchsurfing and staying with people for free. You should host people before you go first of all this is a good way to get reviews so that you don’t have the reviews when you go over there begging for people for a place to stay make an account and say that your couch is currently available and you’ll start getting the emails rolling in.

Apart from all this, wherever you’re from cook something for your host from you place, something from your area or if you can’t cook bring them out to dinner, make it as comfortable. Be a friend just hang out with them but also if they seem like they want to do some of their own thing around town, let them do that as well. You don’t have to be with them the whole time but you know there’s a happy medium between being there all the time and none of the time.

The hardest thing about couchsurfing is finding hosts and actually getting them to host you. What you’re going to do is you’re going to find people in the area and you’re going to send them a couch request which is basically a message. Always try to personalize the message, let them know that you actually read their profile and there’s a reason that you’re picking them to stay with them.

Because a lot of couch surfers what they do is they don’t want to take the time, so they send out a hundred messages they copy paste the same exact thing and they send it to a hundred hosts. What sticks the thing is you’re going to do much better if you write a personalized letter to each one that you’re interested in show them that you read their profile. By saying hey you good taste in music, you know you seem like a cool guy, I saw your picture from Venezuela and you know I’ve always wanted to go there, so you know maybe you could tell me a little bit about that, if you choose to host me. Write them a detailed letter to have way better chances, if they see that you’re legitimately interested in them, not just getting a free place to stay.

Last thing it does cost, I believe twenty dollars but you can get verified, it also helps to support, the platform couchsurfing is free and it offers so much to people around the world. It gives you a little green badge next to your name which means you are verified and it means you are real person it’s a lot easier for hosts, to find house because they’re verified and they’re not just some random creepy, no picture, no review, guy on the internet that is the way to do couchsurfing right.

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