This article will be very important for people who are planning to travel to Europe. Upcoming revolutionary changes in Schengen Visa for travelers.

Upcoming Changes in Schengen Visa. Fees for Schengen Visa is increased from Euro 60 to Euro 80. NO clarification yet about VFS fees. Secondly there were many travel agents who were falsely claiming that some smaller countries in Europe Union, like Malta, Latvia, Lithuania etc. if you apply Schengen visa for these countries you may get easy n fast visa. But they were not telling that they do not have even embassies in your country and you have to submit your visa application through either France or Germany or any other developed European countries embassies.

But now those smaller countries also have decided to open their own embassies in other countries like India, UAE, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and some more countries because these countries also want to promote tourism in their own countries.

And the big major change which is coming within few months, before if you were planning to travel to Europe you could apply only three months (90 Days) before your travel date. For Example, if you were planning to Travel in 1st April 2020, you could only apply from 1st February 2020. But now Rules will be changed and you can apply before 6 months (180 Days) from your travel date.

For more understanding like earlier with current rules you were writing on your cover letter that you will travel after 3 months, with your itinerary. But with new rules you can apply mentioning in your cover letter & with your itinerary before 6 months of your actual travel date.

Believe me it will be a very big advantage, for people who wanted to apply for UK visa along with Schengen Visa or Who were planning to travel USA or Canada as well after Schengen Visa. Now they can get sufficient time to plan and apply visa for other countries as well side by side your Schengen Visa.

You will get enough time to plan your travel properly and add other countries also to travel.

Apart from this, one more benefit coming up, it will be beneficial for frequent travelers who has some travel history to Europe. Who were returned back on time on their specific Schengen Visa, now when they will apply for Schengen Visa, they could be issues with up to 5 Years of Schengen tourist visa. Mostly who have travelled 1-2 times or more to Europe, if they will apply now with One-year Travel Insurance and multiple entry visa, there will be more chances now that 5 years multiple visa will be issued to them by all European Countries.

It is not a very small changes, it is going to be a major change in visa rules and more beneficial. Also, to note Travel Insurance has not been written mandatory but it is always advisable to get travel insurance and attach with your application. Whereas, travel insurance is not much expensive but it has big benefit when you attach it with your travel application.

So once again, one change that with one-year multiple entry visa, travel insurance will not be mandatory and you can apply before 6 months from your travel date. And with this who has post Europe travel history they can get up to 5 years Schengen Visa, which was till now maximum validity was only 1 to 2 years only, countries like The Netherlands, Hungary were main countries which were issuing long term visa. But now all Europe Union countries will issue long term visa up to 5 years.

There will be a huge positive response from these changes.

If you are planning to visit Europe in near future and your documents are not yet ready, we will bring more information in our upcoming posts, about more details about documents and eligibility of visa. Also, we will provide services to assist you to prepare your documents and to file your visa application properly.

It is always recommended to have a positive and strong travel history and it matters and helps in any case. If you have traveled few Asian countries definitely your chances to get Schengen visa will be increased with proper financial documents.

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