Life Is A Daring Adventure

Today we bring a story of a Canadian Traveler named Robin who has travelled 1,000 kilometers in 21 days, 5 different countries six different cities. Surprisingly with zero money in pocket. Who said Life is daring adventure, start travelling and live life to fullest. 

My name is Edward Robin and in June 2016. I traveled for 21 days with absolutely no money. From Germany to Hungary here was the challenge to travel with no money and to toughen up the challenge. I committed to not use internet so I couldn’t use couchsurfing or the similar websites that allows you to find a host or accommodation for free. So, I emptied my wallet before leaving home and I hit the road for the most incredible experiences I’ve ever lived in my life. When I came back home everybody asked me the same question, how did you do that, how did you survive for 21 days with no money. I can’t even survive for one day with no money. 

I have to eat, I have to sleep, somewhere how did you do that well here is the secret. When you travel, basically only have three things to pay the first thing is transportation, going for point A to point B. The second thing is food what are you going to eat what are you going to drink. The last thing is accommodation where are you going to sleep. 

You can make these three things free, for transportation I hiked the old trip. I’ve been picked up by cars, trucks, vans, well that was an event actually. You know the kind of vehicle that transport dead people so that van was transporting a dead from Leipzig to Dresden and let’s just say I had the privilege to be part of the wonderful journey. I even got a ride from a smart car that was driving 150 kilometers an hour on the highway in Germany. I mean I have to say I didn’t even know such a small car could drive that fast. I was quite a bit scared for food, I was asking local restaurants for leftovers so I would just ran into a restaurant and say hey my name is Edward, I’m 23 years old, I’m travelling with no money if you have anything that is not good anymore that you plan to throw that you can’t sell any more. I’ll be more than happy to have it. 

As expected, most people told me no but sometimes, I received right and I have to admit that during 3 days that’s the only thing I ate bread and water. But as you can see, I was happy but sometimes people would cook a real meal, yes, a real meal from scratch for me. I had chocolate cake with cappuccino in Dresden gratin dauphino is in Leipzig. That chocolate cake with that macaroon at the number one cake shop according to Trip Advisor in Budapest and that soup and that fruit juice in the number one restaurant according to Trip Advisor again in Vienna. And about this restaurant what I wanted to sit down the waiter pulled out my shirt so that I could sit down I mean nobody has ever done that to me before in my life. Finally, for accommodation I was asking local people in the street, hey can I sleep at your place tonight, and as expected 9 out of 10 times people would just tell me NO, but I learned something from that. I learned is to redefine my view about rejection. 

We all face rejection in our daily lives, we go to the job interview, we get rejected, we don’t get the job. We go talk to that pretty girl in the bar, we get rejected. Most of us experience rejection once a day once a week sometimes even once a month. We are not so used to it, that’s why it hurts so much. But there are two things I’d like to share with you about rejection and that comes from a guy who has experienced an average of 20 rejections a day. Between the rejections I faced when I was hiking asking for food or asking for accommodation. The first thing I’d like to share with you about rejection is that people are never rejecting you, people are rejecting the idea you represent. 

Second thing about rejection is that rejection does not mean you will have nothing. Rejection just means that you’ll have something a little bit different. For example, asking in the streets to run down people, hey can I sleep at your place tonight and people told me no. I wasn’t telling myself oh that means I’m going to or have to sleep outside tonight in the streets. I was just telling myself “all right” that means I’m going to find someone else and live another experience that might be even better than the one I just missed to me. We should never be afraid of rejection because it’s just part of life and to me getting what you want in life is just a matter of being willing to experience enough rejections. 

Before having what, you want and, in the end, I didn’t sleep a single night outside. It did happen that I was still looking for someone at 4 a.m. in the street but I always found somebody and, in the end, it taught me to put things into perspective. When I would finally find someone to host me before falling asleep. As I was laying on the couch or on the bed I would fall asleep. I would always remind myself hey I get food in my stomach, I got water in my bottle, and I get a roof above my head and a mattress under my back everything is fine. 

I’m happy these three things food, water, and shelter are things we take for granted in our daily lives. But if we think about it, we actually so blessed and lucky to have it. Now what are the lessons that I’ve learned from that. I’d like now to share the four biggest lessons I’ve learned from doing this kind of trip and I believe these are lessons we can all apply in our daily lives. In the end life is a journey to the first thing, I’ve learned is that this is not about what you get this is about what you give. I began this journey wondering each time, I was meeting someone new what can I get from this person. Can I get food, can I get a ride, can I get accommodation and I ended up this journey asking myself questions that were completely different questions? 

Like what can I give to this person, can I give a smile, my enthusiasm an inspiring story to share, an ear to listen to problems, sing a song for them dance with them anything and switching these questions from the getting to the giving completely changed my journey. 

I have to say that I live the best moments of my journey when I was in the giving mindset and not in the getting mind set, but to give you have to meet people and that’s the second thing I’ve learned drop the fear to approach people. The world can actually be an amazing place when you travel with no money, it forces you to constantly meet new people because your survival depends on it, when we think about it in our daily life, we sometimes even struggle for asked to ask away. When we are lost it’s so easy to take our smartphones and just as Google, we are not so used anymore to start a conversation with a complete stranger and to build a relationship. 

Out of nothing this journey taught me to drop my fear of the other and I’ve learned that you don’t need a good reason to start a conversation. You don’t need to be in the same Sports Club, you don’t need to be in the same University, you don’t need to be introduced by a common friend, there to just running a bar and say to the first person you see hey I just met you and this is crazy. All right don’t say that but just say hey I thought you were cool my name is Edward, or don’t say your name is Edward unless your name is Edward. But they’re to say it this guy and his friend for example they were carrying a couch around Vienna at each famous stop, they had to stop laying on the couch seven stops and just enjoy life. When I saw them, I had to introduce myself I told them guys you are just amazing and they looked at me and told me you want to come with us and this is all. I ended up spending all afternoon with two guy from Vienna just carrying a couch around Vienna. 

The third lesson I’ve learned is that sometimes not having the choice is the best option you can have. When you travel with money you can basically pick anything you want you can decide the food you’re going to eat where you’re going to stay at the transportation you’re going to take. But when you decide to travel with no money you just don’t have that luxury anymore so when someone gives you something you have to accept it, when you are checking for example and go jogging a car stops the car looks a bit dirty the driver doesn’t really seem to speak the language you’re speaking, you can’t just say hey thank you but you know I’ll just wait for another car. You can’t say that I mean the guy gives you a chance so you have to give him a chance and this is how I ended up spending two hours in the truck of a Ukrainian truck driver during two hours, he kept telling me stories in Ukrainian. 

I don’t speak Ukrainian and every ten minutes I had to reply him with a broad smile on my face you get that, I don’t understand a single word of what you’re saying. That was one of the most inspiring and funny even funniest story I had during the journey because you see I am not so sure that if, I would have met this guy in a bar in my own town I would have spent two hours talking with him especially not in Ukrainian. But here 1,000 kilometers away from home with no money I had no choice and sometimes not having the choice is the best option you can have. 

The last lesson is that there are no such things as bad experiences to me. There are just experiences that lead you to better things but I believe we should never regret anything because ultimately the bad things that happen to us make us grow and lead us to better thing. I think this was the second night of my trip, I was in Leipzig Germany and I began asking random people in the street, hey, can I sleep at your place tonight around 8:00 p.m. after four hours of experience accretions 20 rejections it was midnight darkness the night and I still haven’t to find anybody to host me. So, I began to ask myself questions like why am I doing this, why am I putting myself in such conditions, where I experienced so many rejections and I feel so bad. 

Then I met those 4 German girls and they accepted to host me they told me all right you can sleep at our place, I was so happy and then they told me but first we go to a night club and you’re coming with us that was in heaven and at some points of the night one of them asked me, Edward what’s the worst thing about traveling the way you do and I thought about it and I just replied well you know nothing because you see tonight I experienced more than 20 rejections. 

But then I drink for hours I felt great I felt really bad but all these little rejections let me at the exact place at the right time, why I crossed your path and going to a nightclub with you is not something, I’m going to forget for a very long time. So, I don’t regret anything and that’s basically the story of my journey how all these little rejections and bad moments I experienced led me to meet the people who made my journey and I lived moments. 

I will remember as long as I live as, I am trying to sell you something, am I suggesting that you should just leave your wallet and all your money at home and start travelling, the way I did of course not. If it’s not your thing well don’t do it but all I want to say is there a bit more a little bit of courage can change your life. It changed mine ask yourself the question what would I do if I were completely fearless there to say hello to that stranger pursue your dream go on an adventure because in the end like Alan Keller once said life is either a daring adventure.

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